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A SOLUTION FOR EVERY MARKET Ebee conforms to all relevant standards currently on the market.... mehr
Produktinformationen "ebee Chargespot Berlin"


Ebee conforms to all relevant standards currently on the market. As a result, our Chargespot Berlin is universally applicable and easily connected to our customer’s desired backend management system.

The Chargespot Berlin features:

  • 22kW power rating, other options available
  • ISO 15118 communication with the vehicle built-in by default
  • Smart meter, MID certified and compliant to german Eichrecht
  • Optional interfaces for various smart city applications
  • Dynamic load management, Master/Slave based for up to 250 charge points
  • Frequent software updates with new features


The Chargespot Berlin communicates seamlessly between the backend and user with low data volume, by offering

  • Data transfer through GSM, LAN or WLAN
  • OCPP 1.5/1.6 compatibility tested with 20+ commercialbackends on the market
  • Roaming with OICP 2.0
  • Authorization with RFID, Mobile App, or SMS or choose to provide free charging without authorization


Mulitple chargespots can form a grid to distribute available energy in a configurable, highly dynamic and effective fashion:

  • Grid Chargespots are interconnected and interact in a Dynamic Load Management (DLM) grid
  • Configurable Different distribution algorithms alternatives are supported (Fair Trade, Round Robin, Priority based, ...)
  • Dynamic The supply of energy is balanced dynamically across all electric cars to be charged
  • Effective Every last ampere will be distributed
Eigenschaften "ebee Chargespot Berlin"
Ladetechnologie: AC
max. Ladeleistung: 22kW
Anzahl Ladepunkte: 1
Ladeanschluss/Ladeeinrichtung: Typ 1 Kabel, Typ 2 Steckdose
Eichrechtskonform: Ja
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